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Just imagine that it is the year 1978 and the Berlin Wall still exists.

Erich Honecker would be in power with his really existing Socialism. We warmly invite you to the OSTEL Hostel Berlin, to a journey back in time to the East Berlin of the seventies and eighties. Discover in our beautiful rooms the craziest side of East German room design. Our house is like a museum to touch things. From multicolored floral wallpaper to Mufutis (multifunctional tables), we provide you with everything there was in the GDR except for ... luxury.

We are located at a prime place in Friedrichshain, directly at the Ostbahnhof and are therefore an ideal starting point for persons traveling alone, school trips, group trips and weekend tourists wishing to visit Berlin. The OSTEL Hostel Berlin was designated in 2014 as one of the most unusual hotels by MAX City Guide, Varta Guide and Marco Polo. If you want to experience the living culture of the GDR, and Berlin from a different angle, then book one of our beautiful rooms.


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